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July 23, 2023

Motherhood Must-Have: Cradlewise Smart Crib

When my husband and I learned we were expecting, we were so excited — and, soon, overwhelmed — by all of the baby products available to choose from. We read about so many bassinets and cribs — and the pros and cons of each. But as we sifted through and determined which we absolutely wanted for our baby, one brand remained a must-have: Cradlewise Smart Crib.

Cradlewise Smart Crib

Cradlewise is a bassinet — which easily converts to a crib when needed — so we can use our Cradlewise for 24 months. It is a ‘smart crib’ because it monitors your baby’s sleep and shares data via an app about your baby’s sleep. It gently bounces to rock your baby to sleep when they stir, has a built-in camera, and has built-in sleep sounds.

While we are first-time parents and can’t personally compare Cradlewise to other brands, we can share what our experience using Cradlewise has been like so far:

  • As a newborn, Ollie has slept well overnight — with 3 to 7-hour stretches of sleep every night. Based on what friends and family have shared with us, we truly believe these long stretches of sleep are due to Cradlewise’s awesome features.
  • We love and value the design of the bassinet — and appreciate how the bassinet can become a crib when needed. The design is sleek, minimal, and most importantly designed for safe sleep.
  • Just once per hour, Ollie stirs and Cradlewise soothes her to sleep. We love how subtle the bouncing movement is; so far, we have only used ‘gentle bounce.’
  • We appreciate being able to monitor Ollie on our phones or iPad. We keep our iPad in view during every nap, which creates peace of mind for us.

Cradlewise Discount

Overall, I am so happy we chose Cradlewise for our crib, and I can’t wait to share more as Ollie grows. If you’d like to save money on your Cradlewise, please use my Cradlewise discount code 4P7TDB3J7I for $100 off your Cradlewise Smart Crib.

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