Simply being a mother is truly enough — but maybe you're also a working professional, a small business owner, someone who believes mothers can experience balance... or all of the above. The products, resources, and Mother-Owned Small Business Directory you'll find here have been created with you, your ease, and your success in mind.

Made by Motherhood™ was created in 2022, when my husband and I learned we were expecting our daughter. Not only did I want to create a space in honor of our daughter — someone I hope will soon know she can be everything she has dreamed of — but I also wanted to create a space where fellow mothers could feel encouraged and be empowered.

In a chapter when many warn, "Just wait until..." I wanted share ways motherhood can mean creating even better balance, developing new passions, and discovering a greater sense of purpose. 

I wholeheartedly believe we can embrace and celebrate every part of our lives as mothers. I am truly so glad and you're here — and I hope you feel as though Made by Motherhood™ was made for you.

Creating balance, ease, and comfort for multifaceted mothers.

About Made by Motherhood™

Explore or join a beautifully-designed, credible, and dependable small business directory, showcasing trusted mother-owned small businesses.

Explore a curated collection of cozy sweatshirts for mothers. Whether for yourself or a gift for a loved one, feeling cozy can make all the difference. 

Get organized, set goals, and create a plan for success with Made by Motherhood's modern and minimal daily, weekly, and monthly printable planners. 

What is Offered

For over a decade, I have excitedly and passionately dedicated my career to women's personal and professional success: Since 2013, I have documented everyday joy-filled living at Kelly Zugay, since 2014, I have served as co-founder of With Grace and Gold®, and since 2020, I have hosted Brand It, Build It Podcast.

In October 2022, when my husband and I learned we were expecting our daughter, I was inspired by my soon-to-be new role as a mother to create a space where fellow mothers could feel encouraged and be empowered — and Made by Motherhood™ was born.

Then, in June 2023, our daughter made her arrival. A challenging delivery — an emergency c-section in which I experienced postpartum hemorrhage — was followed by a challenging recovery, and I personally came to discover how I could have benefitted from more preparation and better organization.

Here, I've created free resources for pregnancy and postpartum, printable or digital planners for personal organization, cozy sweatshirts to live in and love, and a Mother-Owned Small Business Directory for mother-owned small business success — each resource lovingly designed to help multifaceted mothers embrace and celebrate their motherhood journey with joy and ease.

I hope you'll connect with me on Instagram — and I truly hope you'll enjoy each and every resource offered at Made by Motherhood. My personal favorites? This daily planner, which helped me to stay organized amid sleep deprivation — and this cozy sweatshirt, which provided comfort in a challenging season. 

Kelly Zugay is a Minnesota-based content creator, small business owner, and podcast host.

Meet the Founder

Made by Motherhood was made for you.

I am truly so glad you're here — and I hope you feel as though

After months of deliberation, we kept 3 baby name options in mind for our daughter. Choosing a name was so much more challenging than we predicted!


We were 35 years old while we awaited the arrival of our daughter. Thankfully, the term 'geriatric pregnancy' has been replaced with 'advanced maternal age.' 😅


So far, I've spent 15 love-filled years with my husband, Ben — my first-ever boyfriend, college-sweetheart, and the most compassionate person I know.

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Embrace comfort and ease in a change-filled season. Shop cute, comfortable, and cozy sweatshirts made for mothers. 

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